NOTE: Rates are per rental, not per hour.
Popcorn Machine $30   popcorn machine

Popcorn Machine

Popcorn Bags  

popcorn bags

Popcorn Supplies

Hot popcorn ready in minutes. Ready-to-Go Pre-packaged popcorn and bags are available. No measuring, no worry. Pops right everytime.


Popcorn and serving bags are $12 for 30 servings.

Snow Cone Machine $30   snow cone machine

Snowcone Machine

Snow Cone Flavors  

snow cone syrup

Snowcone Supplies


Snow cones ready in minutes. Makes lots of crushed ice for the snow cone lovers. A variety of flavors available. (see next column). * Ice is the responsibility of the renter.


Snow cones syrups and snow cups are available. 5 flavors to choose: strawberry, blue raspberry, orange, watermelon and cherry. Each flavor is enough for 50. You supply the ice. 50 servings for $17 each.


Cotton Candy $40   cotton candy machine

Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy Supplies  

cotton candy sugarcotton candy cones

Cotton Candy Supplies

Enjoy cotton candy in your favorite flavors of blue raspberry, pink vanilla, grape, strawberry, green apple & lemon-sour, your choice. Ready to use mix. 40-50 servings/half-gallon mix.



Cotton candy - 50 servings $20. Check availability of flavors at time of reservation.

Box of 250 paper cones $8.75

Box of 100 bags $8

Cotton Candy Dome $5

Hot Dog Machine $45   hot dog machine

Hot Dog Machine

Chocolate Fountain  

chocolate fundu machine

Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Enjoy the taste of the old fashioned hot dog. Buns are steamed warm in the top section.

NOTE: Hot dogs and buns are supplied upon request and added to the rental cost. Preferred type of hot dogs (regular or beef) must be requested also.

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. With a stach of strawberries and marsh mellows, this chocolate fondue fountain is sure to be a hit with the young and older alike. Just pour dark or white chocolate into the base and switch on the motor. Chocolate, strawberries, and marsh mellows are not provided with rental.


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