Tax not included. Non-refundable minimun deposit required.

Dual Basketball Goal - 4hr min $175;

6hrs - $200; 8hrs - $225

Dual Basketball  

dual basketball bounce

Dual-Goal Basketball Bounce

Dual Basketball Goal




13' H x 10' D x 10' W


Great fun for the NBA stars.


Inflatables - 2hr min $85; 3hrs - $95

4hrs - $110; 6hrs - $130; 8hrs - $150

Blues Clues  

big blue dog bounce

Big Blue Dog Bounce

Club House

kid clubhouse bounce

Kids Clubhouse Bounce

15'H x 13'D x 13'W


15' H x 15' D x 15' W


Happy Clown  

mouncebounce clown

Big Happy Clown Bounce

Happy Clown




15' H x 15' D x 15' W

What better way to spread

cheer and happiness than

with a happy clown.


Kiddie Time - 4 hours $75; All Day $125 - Ages From 1-5 yrs

Kids Sport Area  

kid football bounce

Kids Football/Basketball Bounce

Kids Sport Area kid football bounce-side view

Kids Football/Basketball Bounce (Side View)

12'H x 12'D x 12'W

Hours and hours of kid fun!


Side View of Kids Sport Area

Kids Castle  

kids castle bounce

Kids Castle Bounce

Kids Crayon

kids crayon bounce

Kids Crayon Bounce

10' H x 10' D x 10' W


10' H x 10' D x 10' W



Obstacle Course - 4hr min $350;

6hrs - $400; 8hrs - $450

Obstacle Course  

obstacle course

Obstacle Course Bounce (End View)

Obstacle Course

obstacle course-side view

Obstacle Course Bounce (Side View)

15'H x 40'D x 10'W


Multiple areas of play.



Generators - with 1,2,3

and 4 blowers (Generators not displayed)

Generator 2500  


Actual blower may be different

Generators 5250 & 6500



Generator 2500 powers 1 blower.

$75 with inflatable rental.

**Most inflatables require 1 blower. Some larger inflatables (obstable course,giant slide) may require 2 blowers, providing continuous air flow necessary for the inflatables.

NOTE: Power source must be within 100 feet of blower.

Generator 5250 powers 2 blowers. $85 with inflatable rental.

Generator 6500 powers 3-4 blowers. $95 with inflatable rental.



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